Goodbye life!

Well, today’s the day. Goodbye Bristol, goodbye friends, goodbye school – goodbye everything!

Mum told me to stop complaining about the whole move thing and to go and research. *scoffs* Research?! And research what, you may ask? Leeds. The god-awful place that we are unfortunately moving to.

I spoke to Claire and Jess; (my two best friends) and we’ve already decided that we’re going to FaceTime like, every night. Well, one at a time. And then when we’re all free, we’re going to Skype each other! We’ve also made a pact to go to the O2 Academy in Leeds, to go and see Jess’s favourite band – Ocean Colour Scene. Pretty sure they’re a really old band, but Jess discovered her dad’s old CDs last month, and she’s now obsessed!! But who cares? It’s an excuse for Jess and Claire to come and save me from this hell-hole!

Anyway, back to my “research”… I went onto Google, and just typed in, “fun things to do in Leeds”, and this is what I got:

  • Attractions in Leeds

I know. It was a stupid thing to search, but I am desperate. Claire says that her auntie used to live there, and the reason they moved, was because there was nothing for them… Mum told me the real reason was because Claire’s auntie had a new job and they had to move down south. Back on topic… this is what I’ve found out about Leeds:

  • Leeds Trinity Centre (Shopping, shopping, shopping. Buzzing!)
  • O2 Academy – Guilt tripping mum into letting me go, for making me move!
  • More shopping.

Okay, so when I found out about the festivals, I was very excited because mum wouldn’t let me go to the Wireless festival (London) this summer. She claims it was too far and the travelling would’ve been too expensive for “just a weekend”. Actually, it only took just under 2 hours by car… so she was just being selfish – as usual. AND the Leeds and Reading festival will be another thing that Claire and Jess can visit for!

There’s also a load of other stuff I’ve been told to research… the school I’m attending (Brigshaw), and to find any youth clubs… so far, I’d rather die than attend a youth club, so for now, I’m sticking to being alone in my room and talking to my actual friends!

Right… Mum’s calling me, so I best get going… Such a fun day ahead of us…(!)


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