Half term – oh how I love you

Well, half term is finally here! You have no idea how much this excites me. And why? BECAUSE I’M GOING TO BRISTOL!!!!! Okay, granted. I’m going overnight, but I still get to go!! Staying at Chloe’s, and I couldn’t be more excited!! Although, because mum’s ill, and dad’s more bothered about her getting better, I think they’ve forgot… Grandad told me not to worry, and that if I’ve made plans, it’s their fault if they don’t remember.

Jamie is insistent on coming too, but why? He’s not made plans with his friends. Alright, so maybe he just wants to get away without anyone knowing. (I overheard him telling one of his mates that he feels ignored and unwanted. A load of rubbish, but I’ll go along with it). So after arguing for what felt like hours, we’ve decided that mum and dad are going to know that I’m going, and we’ll see how long it takes them to realise that he’s gone, too. Grandad overheard us, and promised to keep his lips sealed.

Mum’s been going on and on about all these things that she’s going to do, “once she’s better”, and all I can do is roll my eyes. She drives me insane, and it’s annoying that she’s going around boasting about how she’s lost like, 7 pounds? Big whoop!

Even though I’m jetting off to Bristol for two days, I’ve still got homework to do. Yawn. I literally cannot be bothered, but hey ho. What can I do? I think I’m gonna get it done before I go tomorrow, and go down to the library. (I know, I know. How cool am I?) But the library is so massive! It’s like, at the same place as the museum! (Well, the entrance I went inside it was, anyway). I was so lost when I first got there, and I was walking around for ages! Finally, an old woman came up to me and asked what I was looking for. After explaining that I’d only been here once before, she told me that it was behind the cafe. HOW COULD I FORGET THAT? I’m pretty sure I’ve ranted and raved about this stupid design before!!

I might be lame and check out a book for the car journey. Hmmm… A Nicholas Sparks novel? JK Rowling? (Hey, those Harry Potter books are my life!) Jacqueline Wilson? (I’m way too old for those books!) I really don’t know what I’ll check out. But I best head off, before I get sucked into making chicken soup for mum. There’s no chance I’m staying here with a cold. Nuh uh. No chance. I need this getaway. A chance to see my friends, and just feel like I’m finally at home again.

Cannot wait to tell you all about Bristol! See you on the other side. 🙂


Romance IS Dead!

Well, this weekend has been eventful… Date night for mum and dad was slightly disappointing for them both. When I got home from school, mum was in the process of getting herself dolled up to go out for a meal. I was really excited for them. Okay, maybe because it meant that Jamie and I would be home alone, which meant I could finally get some peace and quiet, but… Then dad dropped a bombshell. I came downstairs to get a drink, to see dad unpacking food that he’d bought. Talk about awkward!! Poor mum. I saw the look on her face. She was really disappointed. But, nonetheless, she slapped a smile on her face, and got back to her normal self, “You and Jamie are not to come downstairs, understand? Your dad and I want some quiet time, and we’d like to do that in peace.” *rolls eyes* Talk about barf!

And then dad told us the next day that mum had gotten ill. LOL, I was laughing so hard, because dad is a terrible cook! And yet, mum allows him to cook her a meal?! Dad insisted that it wasn’t his cooking, (sure(!)), because if it was his cooking, he would have been sick, too. I’ll stick to my theory, that my dad didn’t trust his own cooking food, and bought a ready-made meal for himself. Dad also ordered us to stay away from mum this weekend, so she can’t pass it to us. Ha. There was no chance that I was going anywhere near her! I refuse to get ill!

I actually went out this weekend with Louise. We went to the trinity centre, and did a bit of shopping. It was alright. Mum only allowed me to have £25, so I had to spend all of the money at Primark. Not that I was too bothered, I bought a lot of stuff for a bargain! Bought a new denim rucksack for school! Both Louise and I agreed that it looked so cute on me!

And to top it all off, went to go and reapply my – well, technically mum’s – nail varnish, and it’s gone! Actually disappeared! Spent all of last night searching high and low in my bedroom, and I cannot find it anywhere! Think mum’s found it and confiscated it. Ugh. Life sucks.

Valentines Day is totally bonkers!!! (& update)

Wow, it’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog. Sorry for that. I’ve been so busy with schoolwork! Seriously, it’s been a nightmare! Having to change schools in the middle of your GCSE’s, to then finding out that you’ve missed a topic or two in some lessons is not fun! Of course, telling mum this, only led to the two of us arguing and then not speaking for about three days. But that’s all sorted now.

Oh, and Google’s back. It was so weird. He disappeared for a week or two, and then he just appeared at home. Of course we showered him with love and all that stuff. I just don’t get where he went… Or how he found his way back! I find it hard some days!

I’ve met some new friends! Sarah and Louise! They’re really nice! Really funny, too. When I’m not hanging out with them, I’m Skyping all my friends back in Bristol. Chloe came up at the weekend, and that was so much fun! I showed her the new Trinity centre, the Light and just the shops in general. Chloe reckons that I undersold Leeds to her over the phone. She told me to stop being so stubborn, and to admit that Leeds isn’t all that bad. *rolls eyes* Bristol is my home. Not here.

Valentines Day. The day that’s filled with a popularity contest. All the popular girls got at least four cards each from their “secret admirers”. Me, Sarah and Louise agreed that the whole thing is just stupid! Okay, so maybe I’m a little bitter, because nobody sent me a card. And maybe I wanted a card from a specific person, Jeremy, and I didn’t get one. But, big whoop. I didn’t get one, he doesn’t even know I exist, so I didn’t have high hopes!

Think mum and dad are going out for a valentines day meal… Talk about puke! You’re old. Just stay indoors and watch tv!! And what’s even more sickly is that even GRANDAD has a date!!!

I’m not jealous, I’m not. It’s just not fair!!!!

The Lowdown on School.

It’s been another week since I last wrote already? Wow. Well, I can happily say that I am writing this blog post in the comfort of my bedroom – on my bed! So you know what that means…? THE WI-FI ARRIVED! 😀 I was so happy to come home from school and see this new, shiny object on the telly stand. Dad says that we can all stop whinging now that it’s here, and he can actually enjoy the peace and quiet.

I’ve done nothing but talk to Claire and Jess! Oh my god, I miss them so much!! 😦 It sucks knowing that they’re all the way down in Bristol, and that I can’t simply go round to one of their houses and just chill. I now have to video call them on Skype. Which is absolutely no fun!! 😦 It’s just not the same and it sucks!

Google is still missing… I’m getting pretty worried now. He’s run away before, but never for this long… Me and Jamie spent the whole of the weekend, going around Leeds City Centre, as well as around our little village, putting up “Missing Dog” posters! So, if any of you see Google. Please, give me a shout, and I’ll love you forever! There’s an old woman from down the road that grandad seems to have taken a liking for, and she has a dog. Jamie and I went round, but she said that she hasn’t seen him, and if she does, she’ll let us know. He can’t of gone far, but he’s new to Leeds, so he doesn’t know his way home…

Here’s a picture of my new school:

My school is actually pretty far away from where I live, but mum said it was the only school that could accept us around this time of year. I’ve met my classmates and my form tutor, and everyone seems alright. They’re not like my old form, but they seem okay. I was told to stick with a girl called Alison, because we have the same timetable. She seems nice. She’s actually a lot shyer than I expected. She didn’t know what to say to me for the first hour and a half, so I decided to cut the tension, and ask her a few questions. She’s into some of the same music as me, so she’s pretty cool. I might have made a friend? :}

Classes are awesome, and my teachers seem nice. (Ew, I keep using that word!) My form tutor is really nice. He’s called Mr. Tuck, and he’s really funny. Well, he tries to be, anyway. I will say this though, after spending a week at Brigshaw, and getting to know all my classes, teachers and classmates, moving was such a BAD idea!! Why? Because of my GCSE’s! Having to move when I’m in my second year of studying for my exams is throwing me completely off! My exams are only six months away, and I feel like I’m starting over again! Why can’t you see this, mum?!

On the brighter side… It’s almost the Christmas holidays! I want a new phone for Christmas, so I hope that mum and dad get me that. But I also want a new laptop, and I’m still debating which one is more important. Hmmm.

Yep. I think I want an iPhone more!! I love Christmas! Everything about it just makes me so giddy!! 😀
Mum’s calling me down for dinner, so I’ll have to go! Bye! :}

Ramblings about my new postcode.

Well, we’re here. It’s alright. Nothing different to our home back in Bristol. Oh, sorry. It’s more… homely. (Mum’s words, not mine). THERE IS NO WIFI!! Oh my god!! I’ve actually had to go to the library – THE LIBRARY – to write this blogpost! It’s a joke. An absolute joke! Mum says that it’ll be arriving around Friday… which gives me plenty of time to explore the city. *rolls eyes* She does realise how annoying she sounds, right?! This is the library where I currently am:


It’s massive, isn’t it? I can’t get over how big it is! I had NO idea where to go… I got lost, and this woman had to direct me to the library. Hidden in the canteen… how stupid is that?! By the way, Leeds City Library? You need better signposts!

Anyway, back to the house…
Choosing my bedroom was the most stressful thing I’ve ever had to do. Jamie and I were fighting over the bigger bedroom of the two. (Mum had claimed a bedroom for herself and dad, and a bedroom from Gramps). Thankfully I got the bigger room. (What can I say? You leave the room for a second to go to the loo, you’re going to lose the bedroom). Then mum came in and asked me what kind of room I was wanting. So I told her: three white walls, and one wallpapered wall. I thought she understood me… until I saw the wallpaper!!


 I actually laughed in her face when she showed me. This is the wallpaper that I’ve got; -that I chose-.


My bedroom actually looks similar to this. This picture was my inspiration. I love it! :}

I’ve not really seen my neighbours… they seem to be at work all the time. But I do know that there’s a boy, around my age, that lives close-by… He seems pretty cool. I’ll have to get in touch with him.

Ugh. Almost end of my session on the computer, so I have to go. AND I need to print out my missing dog posted… Yep. Google’s only gone and got lost, hasn’t he? Stupid dog! Although, underneath, I’m scared of not finding him again… :/

Goodbye life!

Well, today’s the day. Goodbye Bristol, goodbye friends, goodbye school – goodbye everything!

Mum told me to stop complaining about the whole move thing and to go and research. *scoffs* Research?! And research what, you may ask? Leeds. The god-awful place that we are unfortunately moving to.

I spoke to Claire and Jess; (my two best friends) and we’ve already decided that we’re going to FaceTime like, every night. Well, one at a time. And then when we’re all free, we’re going to Skype each other! We’ve also made a pact to go to the O2 Academy in Leeds, to go and see Jess’s favourite band – Ocean Colour Scene. Pretty sure they’re a really old band, but Jess discovered her dad’s old CDs last month, and she’s now obsessed!! But who cares? It’s an excuse for Jess and Claire to come and save me from this hell-hole!

Anyway, back to my “research”… I went onto Google, and just typed in, “fun things to do in Leeds”, and this is what I got:

  • Attractions in Leeds

I know. It was a stupid thing to search, but I am desperate. Claire says that her auntie used to live there, and the reason they moved, was because there was nothing for them… Mum told me the real reason was because Claire’s auntie had a new job and they had to move down south. Back on topic… this is what I’ve found out about Leeds:

  • Leeds Trinity Centre (Shopping, shopping, shopping. Buzzing!)
  • O2 Academy – Guilt tripping mum into letting me go, for making me move!
  • More shopping.

Okay, so when I found out about the festivals, I was very excited because mum wouldn’t let me go to the Wireless festival (London) this summer. She claims it was too far and the travelling would’ve been too expensive for “just a weekend”. Actually, it only took just under 2 hours by car… so she was just being selfish – as usual. AND the Leeds and Reading festival will be another thing that Claire and Jess can visit for!

There’s also a load of other stuff I’ve been told to research… the school I’m attending (Brigshaw), and to find any youth clubs… so far, I’d rather die than attend a youth club, so for now, I’m sticking to being alone in my room and talking to my actual friends!

Right… Mum’s calling me, so I best get going… Such a fun day ahead of us…(!)

Kill. Me. Now!

I actually HATE my life!!! Mum’s just sat us all down, and told us that we’re moving… TO LEEDS!!! I don’t want to move!! Um, mum?! Don’t you realise that I have friends here?! My whole life is here, and you want me to move?! I hate my life!!! And she’s going on about how it’s “ideal” for us all. Well, that’s not true! I’m going to miss my friends and everything! My mum reckons we’re all just going to be “so on board” with it all, but I think that’s a load of rubbish!!! Grandad doesn’t care. He likes the idea of change, and all that, and he said it’ll be nice to change cities, as he’s tried dating all the Bristol women. *rolls eyes* Get me a bucket! Dad likes the idea of having a new start of job searching, which if he had a job, would have been the perfect excuse to why we CANNOT move! And Jamie… Well, Jamie just doesn’t care about anything. He’ll make friends anywhere, he will. *rolls eyes*
Mum has gone too far this time, and I’m so annoyed. I’m so upset, I just don’t want to move!